Mobile & Web-development
Mobile & Web-development
American company. Ukrainian developers
  • We create web and mobile apps

    Full-stack Bay Area based development company with Ukrainian engineers  provide complete mobile and web development services right from the frontend to backend

7+ years experience

We are a leading web and mobile development agency with many years’ experience in creating the very best digital projects.

100% transparent work

The entire development process is completely transparent to our customers. At any time, you can see at what stage of the project we are and what will be done in the near future.

30+ qualified employees

We have a team of more than 30 full-time engineers of different specializations mobile and web development, design and promotion. Also 50+ proven part-time specialists.

98,7% satisfied clients

Strict control of customer satisfaction is our priority. 62% of customers are returning for new projects.

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What we do

Web-service development

We design the visual structure of your web content, code it and create effective interaction with the customer using the newest languages in the field such as Javascript, React and Angular. Also we build and maintain all the complex systems that power your website, creating custom platforms that can become a powerful API and making the backend a service ready to communicate with any other technology through new development languages like Laravel, YII, Node.JS, MongoDB, MySQL, and others.

Mobile apps development

We create mobile Apps with native languages like Java and Kotlin, always at the forefront and following the rules of each Android API to date, providing a complete analysis of design and a friendly interface. We use ObjC and Swift languages following the Apple Human Interface to create interfaces that are ready to be published in the AppStore. We can also develop Hybrid Apps in which we use languages like ReactNative to have some simultaneous updates for both IOS and Android operating systems.


Our company has absolutely positive experience in assembling and operating world-class development teams on the behalf of the top IT industry players. Outstaffing from 12 Red dots is a guarantee of some unmatched benefits: Trained and skilled professionals; Reasonable pricing policy; Absence of any risks; Improved company efficiency, productivity and flexibility; An experienced team entirely dedicated to the project; Absence of extra expenses on management, infrastructure or recruiting


About us

Our Development Team composed by leaders with a very strong technology background that can help you get your projects successfully done. We are able to start from a scratch or pick up the work from any place you've stopped. Our 12 Red Dots team is located in Kiev and Odessa, Ukraine.


We are experts in all cutting-edge web application technologies in Travel, Business, Social, Startups and eCommerce segments. 

Experts in Web Development

We design the visual structure of your web content, code it and create effective interaction with the customer using the newest languages.

Development Approach

We cover all stages of the software development life cycle: from business analysis, design and prototyping to the actual development, quality assurance and post-project maintenance.

Experts in Mobile App Development

We apply various tools and technologies, provide a complete analysis of design and a friendly interface.



USA, San Francisco: +1 415 656 8484

Ukraine, Kiev: +38 050 280 96 66

st. Khvoiki 21, Ukraine, Kiev